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Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer - VR / Virtual Reality Glasses / Headset for iPhone & Android

Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer - VR / Virtual Reality Glasses / Headset for iPhone & Android

The most universal Virtual Reality viewer is now in your hands.

Imagine a device that can teleport you to fantastic new worlds with just the phone in your pocket. The Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer is comfortable, stylish and affordable. Graduate to luxurious immersion.

The future is now. Feel its embrace with the Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer.

This is a state-of-the-art low cost VR Headset that is compatible with any Google Cardboard VR App. The viewer maximizes the Virtual Reality capabilities of your smartphone. This HMD gives you the same field of view (FOV) as Samsung Gear VR. Its a durable pair of 3D goggles that you can use with games, films and social apps. Easily locks your smartphone into place without removing your outer case. Enter the immersion age of #VR!

The free Spaceout.VR App transforms your digital life into sociable VR spaces automagicallyPair it with your Soundcloud Account and get into Music Powered Virtual Reality. Try HEADBANGERZ the endless rhythm game, Teleport, and view your Facebook photos in VR. Choose from hundreds of free apps on Google Play Store or Apple App Store that are all compatible with the Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer!

Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer - Virtual Reality Viewer for Smartphones

  • Experience hundreds of other VR Apps
  • Travel the world in 360 photos & videos
  • Soft foam lining for luxurious comfort
  • Lightweight design for long use
  • Super-wide field of view for maximum immersion
  • Light blocking visor increases brilliant resolution
  • Easy magnetic trigger / navigation button
  • Adjustable 3-point head-strap for ergonomic comfort
  • Room to wear your glasses inside viewer
  • No assembly / no batteries required

Technical Specs:

  • Compatible with any Android or iOS VR-ready smartphone
  • Adjustable focal length suitable for 4.0”-6.5” phones
  • Material: ABS (white high gloss) smooth durable plastic
  • Immersive 102⁰ field of view (FOV) 
  • Adjustable lenses: aspheric, high transmittance (40mm)
  • Transparent cover: enhanced high-gloss
  • Anti-distortion and warping in VR 
  • Adjustable focus - inter-pupillary distance (IPD) up to 10mm
  • Short-sight suit: 0-600°
  • Net weight 263g / 0.58lb
  • Individual package: 21.5*13.5*12.5cm / 8.5*5.3*4.9in
  • UPC barcode: 748252170798


Regular price $49.95 Sale price $39.95

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