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Why buy a Spaceout.VR Virtual Reality Viewer for Apple VR and Android VR apps?

July 14, 2016 Dennis Adamo

Virtual Reality has reached the dawn of the immersion age with hundreds of apps offering augmented reality (Pokemon Go), VR journalism (New York Times App)  and 360° video experiences (Facebook) that are transforming the way we interact with the world around us.

Leaps in software innovation are achieving exponential growth in the quality of immersive Virtual Reality experiences. To have the best experience, you need the best hardware to bring new worlds to your living room, or to simply help you #spaceout. Introducing the Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer - one of the highest quality Virtual Reality viewers available today.

You need a universal device that can support any VR app on any type of smartphone. The Spaceout.VR Viewer is that device. 

Don’t be fooled by low cost knock-offs. We made this device with specific features; Magnetic Magic Button - from shooter games, to navigating a 360 video, this button connects your mobile device to the viewer. Adjustable focus and IPD - because everyone’s eyes, head and vision are different. This viewer fits everyone.

The Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer is comfortable, stylish and affordable. Instantly access hundreds of apps, including Spaceout.VR that allows you to create dazzling and immersive worlds from your own music collection. Graduate to luxurious immersion and instantly be transported with the power of Virtual Reality in your hands.

While there are many Virtual Reality viewers entering the market, the Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer features:

  • Free download of the Spaceout.VR App
  • Experience hundreds of other VR Apps
  • Travel the world in 360 photos & videos
  • Soft foam lining for luxurious comfort
  • Lightweight design for long use
  • Super-wide field of view for maximum immersion
  • Light blocking visor increases brilliant resolution
  • Easy magnetic trigger / navigation button
  • Adjustable 3-point head-strap for ergonomic comfort

 Take the Spaceout.VR Premium Viewer for a test drive! It’s the only VR viewer that will get you safely to the Space Station. Learn more.

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