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Introducing SpaceoutVRs ‘Rhythm.VR’: Download and Turn Your Music Collection into a Mind-blowing, Immersive Virtual Reality Experience!

August 02, 2016 V Owen Bush

When you download the app from SpaceoutVR and dive in, you will instantly go on a journey and meet virtual reality in a brand new way. Spaceout.VR offers several unique experiences, all contained in one powerful app. Among them is it’s Rhythm.VR product which is dedicated to music.

With Rhythm.VR, you can take your own music collection and transform it into dazzling, immersive worlds. Spaceout.VR’s music virtualizer responds to audio frequencies and allows you to engage with your own music or use your microphone. Choose from a curated collection of transformative visual environments and take your music to the next level!

And there’s more! Connect your SoundCloud to see comments fly by in a VR environment. In addition to SoundCloud, the Spaceout.VR app is fully integrated with Spotify and other popular streaming music providers. Finally, play endless rhythm games like HEADBANGERZ for hours of exploration, as you collect Beat Coins, dive into tunnels and discover other other objects. No other game in virtual reality allows you experience your own content quite like this.

For the ultimate experience, use Rhythm.VR in conjunction with SpaceoutVR’s Premium Virtual Reality Viewer, which allows you to access hundreds of apps. Try VR now! Dive in and space out.

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